Sherri on August 22nd, 2014


I have been looking for prefolds to use with my newborn daughter and what I got with GroVia’s prefolds was not what I was expecting! I really like to pair prefolds with wool to give my little one’s bottom the most breathability through the 20 plus diaper changes she has a day. I certainly did not expect to be wowed by a prefold, but GroVia was able to not only wow me, but change my perception on what to expect from a prefold!


Here are the features of GroVia’s Prefolds

Diaper Type: Prefold

Fabric: 55% Bamboo and 45% Organic Cotton.

Size Range: These are sized prefolds that come in four sizes

  • SIZE 1: Newborn – 12 x 13 in. – 4-9 lbs. 2x6x2 ply
  • SIZE 2: Infant – 14 x 15.5 in. – 7-15 lbs. 4x8x4 ply
  • SIZE 3: Infant Long – 15 x 18.5 in. – 15-25 lbs. 4x8x4 ply
  • SIZE 4: Toddler – 16.5 x 20 in. – 25+ lbs. 4x8x4 ply

Waist Closure:  A pin, Snappi, or Boingo can be used. These also work well soaker-folded and used inside a cover without using a fastening device.

Putting GroVia’s Prefolds to the test:

Fit: I used a Size 2, infant prefold from day 1 with my daughter, who was 8 pounds and 10 ounces at birth. It fit lovely without too much extra material. I simply tucked the front to keep it clear of her umbilical cord. These prefolds were easily maneuvered to get a nice fit around my skinny newborn’s legs. I would say GroVia’s sizing chart is true to size. My daughter is now over 12 pounds and these prefolds still fit great and she has room to grow.

Use:  I really liked the feel of this prefold even just after prepping. Once I started using GroVia’s prefold, I noticed the absorbency really stood out compared to 100% cotton prefolds. They have set a new standard of what I expect out of absorbency! These prefolds hold up well for several hour stretches. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to test them for overnight use. I definitely look forward to the day that I can! Did I mention soft? They are so soft! Like silky, buttery soft. With every wash they seem to become softer and softer. They are truly the softest prefolds I have ever laid my hands on. Even with all that softness, I didn’t have any problems with the material sliding loose on my little one’s legs. They are also very trim! They fluff up nicely after prepping, but they are not bulky at all.

With their great absorbency, these prefolds can serve many purposes other than a diaper. These could definitely be used as a soaker, tri-folded and laid in a cover. They would also work well used as an insert in a pocket diaper. The absorbency of this prefold is truly phenomenal compared to 100% cotton!

Ease Of Use: In general, I think prefolds are easy to use. These prefolds were easy to get a nice fit quickly, without having to readjust due to the material sliding.

Washing:  I don’t think washing gets any easier than prefolds. There is no elastic to worry about or Velcro to remember to secure. These can be line dried or put in the dryer. I personally like to line dry for sunning out the stains. What I noticed with these prefolds is, unlike my cotton prefolds, they were actually soft after line drying! When I did put them in the dryer to see how they would stand up to the heat, there really wasn’t any noticeable shrinkage. For me this is a huge plus!

Quality & Cost:  The quality and durability of GroVia’s prefolds are great! The material seems to get softer with every wash and the serging has withheld well. The cost of a 3 pack of GroVia Prefolds, range from $8-$16, depending on size. They are very economical especially knowing they are made with bamboo and organic cotton.


These prefolds have a lot to offer when it comes to trimness, absorbency and affordability. I have used other brands of prefolds and these by far, are my favorite! They are very absorbent compared to cotton prefolds and are so squishy soft! Economically, these are a great way to have high quality diapers for very little cost. I highly recommend these prefolds for first-time, cloth diapering parents as well as experienced cloth diapering parents. These prefolds have truly raised the bar of what I could ever expect out of a prefold.


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Diaper Pin on July 24th, 2014

Product Review

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Katie on July 23rd, 2014

RockABum 1_blog
This diaper rocks.  No, really, I’m not just saying that because of the name! The colors are much more edgy than the average cloth diaper – vivid and striking red, black, and white instead of the pastel palette often seen made by other manufacturers.

This color combination should be very appealing to the parents who are themselves more edgy than the average cloth diaperer.  They are definitely appealing to the daddies – I can attest that it took me an unreasonably long time to collect action shots of this diaper, for the simple reason that every time I had it clean my husband would reach for it first and put it on the baby!

RockABum 9_blog RockABum 8_blog

This diaper is designed with a unique 5-in-1 system.  Simply put, there are 5 ways to use this diaper: All in one, All in two, Pocket diaper, “Bombshell” cover over another diaper or disposable, or with a hybrid insert.

Hybrid disposable option – video by Rock A Bums

The reusable inserts that came with the diaper are a soft fleece on one side, and microfiber on the other.

RockABum 3_blog
They both have snaps, so they can be snapped together to lay in the diaper, or snapped into the diaper cover.

RockABum 5_blog RockABum 6_blog

The cover itself is a unique design.  It has a snap-down sizing system and comes in either aplix or snap fasteners, but the unique part is that it has openings on both ends so the inserts can agitate out easily in the wash.

RockABum 11_blog
As mentioned, the outer part can be used as a cover or as a pocket.  It has a smooth fleecy inner that feels much more rugged than other pockets I’ve tried, while still feeling satiny smooth for baby’s skin.  And inside the cover are reinforced snaps, so you can anchor your inserts if you wish and know that the snaps are not going to pull through the PUL over time.

Over all the construction of the diaper is very solid and fits beautifully.I think this diaper is a very attractive option for the parents who might not be 100% sold on cloth diapering, or on what type they might prefer.  The edgy colors make it feel tough and modern, and the many ways to use it is very appealing to someone who may not want to have to decide between AIO, Pocket, or even reusable or disposable inserts.

It is the ultimate Daddy diaper, thanks to the appealing colors and the ease of using it as an AIO or pocket.


Jennifer on July 22nd, 2014


Yesterday my daughter made these delicious lemon raspberry cupcakes. While putting the leftover lemon rinds to use I started thinking of my favorite uses of lemons and thought I’d share them…



Obviously there are many yummy recipes to choose from and I cannot begin to list them all. Here are my choices….

  1. Lemon raspberry cupcakes (how could I not mention the inspiration for this post) – this recipe uses the zest of lemon as well as lemon juice. So yummy!
  2. Iced Tea – this is a staple drink in our house – we use 1/3 cup of lemon juice and 1/2 cup of sugar in a half gallon container of tea.
  3. Candied lemon – this is a special treat that I don’t do more than once a  year since it is so time consuming to do but it is yummy – you can eat candied lemons as is or use it a beautiful decoration on cakes or pies.
  4. Lemonade -  another treat in our house since this takes time and money. Still we enjoy making this occasionally in the summer time. 6-8 squeezed lemons, 6 cups of water and 1 cup of sugar.
  5. Lemon water -  add thin slice of lemon to water or other favorite drinks to add flavor.  Lemon flavored water helps me meet my quota of 64+ ounces of water a day.


There are many ways to clean with lemon but here are the ones I find most useful at home. I just use these methods when we have leftover lemons and rind.


  1. Inside of our teapot – boil small cut up lemon rinds in water in a teapot. Let it stand for an hour before rinsing.
  2. Garbage disposal – run softened, cut up lemon rinds through the garbage disposal. Make sure they are small enough for the disposal to handle.  This freshens up the sink.
  3. Cutting board - turn the rind inside out and rub it outside of a cleaned wooden or plastic cutting board to freshen it.  Rinse.
  4. Copper or stainless steel – dip the lemon in baking powder or salt and scrub copper/steel pots or stainless steel sink.
  5. Grease stains from clothes – rub lemon juice on the stain and let it sit overnight before washing with regular laundry.

Here are 22 to ways to use your lemons, inside and out. Put the whole fruit to good use!

How do you use your lemons? Please share!


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Diaper Pin on July 21st, 2014


With this fold a flat can act as a prefold with the benefit of being lengthened or shortened to fit your child’s unique size. Fold the flat in half from top to bottom as show below. You can adjust this fold to less than half if your child has a higher rise.

FlatFold_PrefoldFold 1_web
Fold the left side just short of 1/3 of the way (or as will fit on your child)

FlatFold_PrefoldFold 2_web
Fold the right side towards the middle.

FlatFold_PrefoldFold 3_web
Now you have a customized prefold. You can fold the diaper as you would a prefold… Fold both sides in and open up the top.

FlatFold_PrefoldFold 4_web
Place baby on top of the diaper and fold the up over the baby.

FlatFold_PrefoldFold 5_web
Pin one side…and then the other..

FlatFold_PrefoldFold 7_web

FlatFold_PrefoldFold 8_web

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Diaper Pin on July 20th, 2014

More info:  Product Reviews * Product Close Up * SoftBums Directory Page

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diaperpin on June 22nd, 2014


Wondering who ranks in our Top Cloth Diaper Business?!  Here  ya go! these are our customer’s choice members in cloth diaper directory this month! These businesses have earned enough rave reviews (15 or more) to earn the awards below:

mom's pick
Our top directory members are also qualified to display this award on their site:


Top 11

GoGo Natural is back on top!  Little Boppers has jumped into the top 11 – Congratulations! Nicki’s Diapers is in the top 10.

GoGo Natural      for baby   for mom
We focus exclusively on the best natural care products for you and your infant. We carry cloth diapering supplies, baby carriers, breastffeding accessories, & much more!
Member since May 2007 (updated: January 2013)

Diaper Junction         for baby   for mom
Home to the 100% cotton Diaper Rite Prefolds, Diaper Junction carries all the cloth diapers, diaper covers, & accessories you’ll need to diaper your child from birth to potty training. FREE SHIPPING
Member since November 2002 (updated: May 2012)

Little Boppers      for baby   for mom   made by mom
Hello Baby! Little Boppers are plush and stylish cloth diapers you’ll love to show off! Fitteds, Hybrids, AI2s, & Covers, handmade with great attention to detail. Custom orders available.
Member since February 2004 (updated: May 2014)

AppleCheeks      for baby   made by mom   sewing resources
Throw away your preconceived notions. Ignore your skeptical peers. These are NOT your grandmother’s cloth diapers.We are AppleCheeks™, a breakthrough in reusable diapering. This is a paradigm shift. Thought you knew what reusable diapering was all abo
Member since September 2008 (updated: December 2013)

Green Diaper Demos      for baby
Fast friendly service! We carry many brands but our top seller and recommended are SoftBums, Thirsties, bumGenius, and itti bitti!
Member since April 2010 (updated: October 2013)

Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique      for baby   for mom
FREE USA SHIPPING! Cloth Diapers, Teething Necklaces, Baby Carriers, Unique Gifts! KaWaii Baby, BumGenius, FuzziBunz, Thirsties, GroVia, BabyKicks, Ergo, Aristocrats, & more! Most orders ship within 24 hours. Store in Raleigh/Cary, NC!
Member since June 2010 (updated: August 2013)

Modern Cloth LLC      for baby   for mom
Modern Cloth is your resource for cloth diapers and accessories in South Carolina’s Lowcountry and on the web. We have a passion for cloth diapering and our mission is simply to spread the word about just how far modern cloth diapers have come!
Member since November 2010 (updated: December 2012)

Sandbox Lane      for baby   for mom
Specializing in top cloth diapers brand (Fuzzi Bunz, bumGenius, Rocky Mountain, Drybees, Sweet Pea, Flip, Charlie Banana, and much more) and other organic baby products. Free shipping over $30.
Member since September 2011 (updated: October 2011)

FiggyFuzz Baby Boutique      for baby   for mom
FiggyFuzz Baby Boutique is Mommy Owned and Mommy Operated! Most orders ship within 24 hrs. $5.99 Flat Rate US shipping, orders over $69 ship FREE! Eco-Friendly, Family Focused. Local appointments available.
Member since April 2012 (updated: January 2014)

Nicki’s Diapers         for baby   for mom
Long-standing business and large in-stock selection for all your cloth diapering needs. Fast, free shipping included on most items and all orders over $75. Also, Nicki’s Diapers offers a wide selection of Mama and Baby Items. A one-stop shop!
Member since June 2004 (updated: December 2011)

Dearest Diapers      for baby   for mom
Dearest Diapers is your Cloth Diapering and Natural Parenting Source! Free Shipping in the U.S. Use code NEWBIE for 10% Off your First Order!
Member since May 2012 (updated: May 2013)

Sherri on June 19th, 2014


If you are new to all-in-two systems, this is a great brand that is easy to use and offers a quality system you will fall in love with.

The purpose of an all-in two system is to be able to reuse the shell (cover) while changing the insert. This is the first system I have found that I can use the same shell three or four times before throwing it in the wash! Less laundry and fewer shells to buy? Yes, this system definitely has my attention!

Here are the features of GroVia’s Hybrid All-In-Two System:

Diaper Type: All In Two

Size Range: One Size diaper fitting babies from 8-35lbs, adjusted by a snap down rise

Waist Closure:  Hook & loop or snaps

Shell Exterior: TPU that come in solids or prints

Shell Interior: Polyester Mesh


  1. Snap-in, Stay Dry Soaker that is TPU backed. It has 4 layers of cotton/hemp blend topped with a wonderfully soft microfleece. The leg gussets are microfleece too!
  2. Snap-in, Organic Cotton Soaker that is TPU backed. It has 5 layers of certified organic cotton jersey with organic cotton leg gussets.
  3. Lay-in or stick-in, disposable BioSoaker that is fragrance & dye free and plastic & chlorine free.


Putting the GroVia’s Hybrid All-In-Two, to the test:

Fit: With the hook & loop version (I am dying to try the snap shell!), I get a perfect fit every time. I can get a custom fit on the waist due to the wide panel where the side tabs attach. The overall rise seems accommodating. My 30 pound 2 year old fits the rise nicely. The hook & loop tabs can overlap each other, making the eight-pound starting size look to be a reality. All the soaker options have elastic in the gusset area so they can provide a custom fit as well. This is a super trim diaper!

Use:  This diaper was bullet proof during the day.  I did not have any leaks. I was able to use the shell three or four times before it was ready for the wash.  I used the Stay Dry Soaker for nap-time, which performed nicely-no leaks! I did attempt one time at night, the Stay Dry Soaker alone did not work. My two year old is a known heavy wetter, so I was not surprised. GroVia does sell boosters, which may have changed this. The TPU layer really does keep the shell dry in between changes throughout the day.  The gussets do a great job of keeping the poop off the shell too. I really like the Organic Soakers for the day and the Stay Dry Soakers for naps. I did use a BioSoaker for an outing and I could see where this would be a convenient option for out of town use or daycare.

Ease Of Use: These diapers are incredibly easy to use.  The snap-down rise is very easy to use and the hook and loop is toddler proof-really! It is strong! The inserts snap in and are easily unsnapped. The shell has laundry tabs (a must for hook & loop closures). GroVia also recommends that you stick the tabs under a loop that is over the laundry tab as it’s supposed to keep the tabs from curling and cracking.

Washing:  These diapers are very easy to wash and dry.  It is important to remember that with the hook & loop shell, fasten your laundry tabs!  I hang dry the shell and it is quick to dry. I also hang dry the soakers because of the TPU, then throw the soakers in the dryer on low heat for 20 minutes to soften and finish drying the material.

Quality & Cost:  The quality and durability of this diaper is great! You can feel the quality in the material and see it in the sewing. This All In Two diaper makes it easy get a bang for your buck.  If you use the shell approximately three times, the cost is a little over $14 dollars per diaper. That is a great price for such these quality diapers!



I love this diaper!!!  It has become one of my favorites in my stash, and the first one I reach for out of the laundry. The soakers are great, and I love using the Stay-Dry Soaker for naps and having the Organic Soaker throughout the day. I only have one shell right now but I am going to buy more on Black Friday or Cyber Monday! I definitely want to try the snap shell, but I will keep a stock of the hook & loop because they are daddy friendly!

This is a great system to introduce someone to who is new to cloth diapering without scaring them off. It is also a great system for someone who is already cloth diapering and is looking to get awesome quality diapers for a great price! I would absolutely recommend this diaper!!!


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Diaper Pin on June 19th, 2014


Unlike regular diapers, swim diapers are designed to keep solids from escaping – they are not meant to absorb (otherwise they would absorb pool water!).  Cloth swim diapers are cheaper and just as effective as disposables – this just another reason to go cloth. Here is a quick view of the Swim Baby diaper.  There are many other 

Swim Baby Quick View on YouTube

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