Hmmm. I may be crazy, but cloth diapering at night sure isn’t! For some it’s an adventure as they search out the perfect diaper and cover combination that will leave them with a dry baby and bed after a full night. “I struggled with nighttime with my daughter. She is a heavy wetter and would soak through to the bed all of the fitted diapers that I had. I found that only 2 prefolds pinned in a Dappi pull on would work at night. “, wrote Heather. For others it’s a relief after using leaking, swelling disposable diapers. Janet said of her diapering experience, ” Night time diapering – that is how we got turned on to cloth. … It worked the very first night! I was hooked; that was about 6 months ago.”

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In writing this article I asked cloth diapering moms to tell me about their night time diapering experiences. I’ve heard from moms who were scared to cloth diaper at night, and from moms who got into cloth after getting sick of finding their little ones bed and clothes wet after a night in a disposable. Here’s some of what has worked best for the cloth diapering pros! May it save you time and money, not to mention laundry.


The Double Diaper Method

Several moms mentioned using two prefolds, pinned inside a cover. I myself used this combination successfully for nearly a year, before switching to my own night time diaper the Sleep Tight. I used one prefold in a modified triangle fold and a second folded in thirds and laid in as a doubler. When my daughter was very small and sleeping on her back, I folded the extra length over in the front. Then I either pinned it all together, or used a wrap cover.

I’ve also talked to moms who use two fitted diapers, one on top of the other. I haven’t done this myself, but I think it would work quite well, and an additional doubler could be added if needed as your child grows.

Diapers Made for Night Time

Many moms mentioned using cloth diapers made specifically for night time. Typically these diapers will be a bit more absorbent, and perhaps a bit bulkier than your average daytime diaper. Quite a few people mentioned Fuzzi Bunz which can be used in the day or night, as you can customize the absorbency. Nancy, a diapering veteran, wrote that she “discovered Fuzzibunz really work!” Bellies and Buns also makes a night time diaper which received a rave review. I now use my own Firefly Diapers Sleep Tight Set at night, and love it. There are many other WAHMs who make great night time diapers as well; check out the diaper review pages to see what people have to say.

The Perfect Night Time Cover

So, you think you have a diaper or diaper combination that will give enough absorbency to get your little one through the night? Well, now it’s time to think about the cover. All the moms I’ve talked to agree that a good non-wicking cover is essential for successful night time diapering. By far the most popular covers were wool wraps or pull on soakers. Wool has the advantage of being a natural material and is breathable and absorbent, without leaking. Lori at Fuzbaby makes a wonderful wool wrap for day or night use. Polyester fleece covers are also a popular choice. Kim at From the Heart Company offers “a full-cut side snap version to fit over any night time diapering system… The SLUMBER SHELL.” One mom uses a Dappi pull on cover, as I often do. Motherease Air Flow covers were also mentioned.

So, there you have it … well, sort of. I must now add that not every system will work for every baby. It really depends on how much your child wets at night, and whether you change during the night, or need them to go 12 hours in a diaper. (Oh, you lucky mommies.) As your child grows, your night time diapering needs may change. Here at Firefly we’ve moved from a prefold with a doubler, to two prefolds, to two prefolds and a doubler, to the Sleep Tight, generally with a Dappi pull on cover. So, as with raising our children, night time diapering is an ongoing process, but thankfully one with no floods.

Here’s to dry nights!

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About the Author: Amy Brown is a WAHM of one. A one time elementary school teacher with degrees from Rutgers College and Elms College, she now owns and runs Firefly Diapers with the help of her 21 month old assistant

Related article: Solutions for Cloth Diapering at Night

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4 Comments on Cloth Diapers at NIGHT? You MUST be crazy!

  1. Amanda says:

    Hi I have a very sensitive baby and would like to be able to use wool soakers, if I do will my baby be cool in the summer and does the wool soaker itch thanks.

  2. Sarah says:

    Wool is actually very cool in the summer because it is a breathable material. It allows air flow so it doesn’t hold the moisture in. I found that with PUL covers my little ones would get heat rash in the summer, but with wool never heat rash. If you are using the right wool, it will not be itchy. I was used to itchy wool sweaters, but the wool covers I have were such a pleasant surprise – so soft and comfortable.

  3. Dredmari says:

    What really works for me are prefolds with an insert to add absorbency and a cover. It works perfectly and my baby is a heavy wetter.

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