Size comparison chart of some of the different major brands of prefolds.* All measurements given are fully prepped/shrunk and ready to use. Please remember that all sizes given are approximations due to the normal variations in shrinkage of the prefold fabric.


Cloth-eez by Green Mountain Diapers


Image provided courtesy of Green Mountain Diapers
Preemie White 9×11
Newborn Orange 11.5×12
Small Yellow 12.5×13.5
Wide Baby White 15×15
Medium Red 14×16
Large Brown 15×18
Toddler Green 15.25×20.5


Imagine – “Smart Fit”


Xsmall Orange
Small Green 12.5×13.5
Medium Yellow 14.5×15.5
Large Blue 15.5×17


Imagine – “Traditional”


Newborn 11×14
Std Infant 11×14
Infant 11×14
Std Reg 13×18
Regular 13×19
Premium 13×19
Toddler 16×21



Newborn White 10.5×11.5
Small Purple 13×13.5
Medium Green 14.25×15.75
Large Orange 15.5×17

*If you would like to see your prefolds in our comparison chart, use this form to submit your fully prepped prefold dimensions.


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