The jellyroll fold is great for containing messy diapers as it creates sidewalls or gussets to help contain loose stools.  It’s probably the fold that gives you the best chance of keeping your cover clean, however it isn’t the easiest fold to use for a wiggly baby.
Lay the diaper out flat on your changing pad

Lay the baby on the diaper so that the back edge is about even with her belly button

Roll both sides of the prefold in toward the middle until you reach the thick center layers (the jellyroll).  The end up under her bottom will stay flat – you just want to roll the end by her feet.

First side jelly rolled

Second side jelly rolled

Pull the front of the diaper up between your baby’s legs

The front of the diaper should come up just below your baby’s belly button.  Fold any excess length under (towards the rolled side of the prefold).

Pin or Snappi* the diaper snugly



If one (or both) of your jellyrolls comes unrolled during the process, you can generally fix it without starting over.  See how the right side’s leg looks very loose?

Just lift your baby’s leg and tuck the roll back in around your baby’s thigh.

The sides are rolled inward creating a nice gusset to help contain messes.


*Always remember to use a cover when using a Snappi


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3 Comments on Prefold Basics – Jellyroll Fold

  1. Rachel says:

    I must try this one. I’ve just been doing the tri-fold…so easy :) but it doesn’t really keep the cover from getting soiled and I really want to like my prefolds.

    • Bectoria says:

      I agree – the trifold IS easy and it’s one of my favorites. The jelly roll is pretty easy, though. the trickiest part for me is keeping the jelly roll from unrolling without letting the baby roll off the changing table. 😛

  2. […] is clearly too small for that. It didn’t look comfortable on him at all. I ended up doing the jelly roll as seen on the blog I found in that link. Excellent pictures to show you how to fold that jelly […]

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