Boingo diaper fasteners get an A+ for ease of use.  I was able to fasten a pair on a squirmy toddler with just one hand the first time I ever tried them (the other hand was holding the camera).   Doesn’t get much easier than that!

There are a few things you should know about Boingo:

You need to stretch them a little before you first use them. Grab them by the rubbery part just inside the stars and stretch gently.

The goal is not to stretch the boingo to fasten the diaper like you would to fasten a snappi.  Very little stretching is necessary

Do not pull on them by the little stars.  It seems like a logical place to grab and stretch the Boingo, but overstretching can damage it

The teeth are grabby and pointy.  They are a bit less grabby and pointy than a snappi’s teeth, but they’re still sharp

If you have a tiny baby, you can use just one boingo instead of two

 How to Fasten a Boingo

The diaper fold I used below is a very sloppy newspaper fold.  The prefold I am using is a trimmed prefold, so I didn’t have to fold it down in the front at all.  My model is 20 months old.

Hook the teeth of the boingo into the fabric on the diaper near the baby’s hip

Gently pull the boingo at a downward angle toward the center of the diaper.  Remember to hold the boingo towards the center and not by the star.

Attach the boingo to the center part of the diaper.  I am not pulling the boingo by the star – I’m just making sure the teeth grab the prefold securely.

Then just repeat on the other side.  Hook the teeth of the boingo into the diaper towards your baby’s hip, and pull the boingo downwards toward the center of the diaper and fasten.

Remember, do not grab the boingo by the star (like I am in the pic below)

 Fasten it towards the center of the diaper

Sit back and admire your work for a second.  Even a sloppy newspaper fold turns out ok once it’s all fastened up!

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18 Comments on How To – Fasten a Boingo

  1. Amanda H. says:

    Very cool! I started using Boingos when they first came out (the old version) and I really liked them. These look even better! I’d love to try out a new set.

  2. Sarah E. says:

    I like the boingo better than a snappi. I feel like I get a better fit and it’s more secure. I don’t like the center part of a snappi.

  3. Lily Ivey says:

    I love how easy to are to use. I have almost given up on prefolds because my 11 month old is unwilling to stay still for it to be snappied. Would love to give the boingos a try!

  4. Nette says:

    I’d love to try one. We use a snappi on our prefolds but hate that it can be so difficult to stretch across at times. Seems like the Boingo solves that problem.

  5. I love these! I would love to try them out because they are so cute and look super easy! (not to mention less dangerous than a snappi!)

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I have my first one’s in the mail! I’m so excited to try them out :)

  7. michaela bitner says:

    I want to try these so bad, they are so cute!

  8. Kehau says:

    Im new to cding and my baby will be here anyday. I’ve been wanting to try boingos since they are so cute but a lot of the cd stores don’t carry them yet.

  9. gina lee says:

    I like that they don’t stretch all the way across the baby’s middle

  10. Anne Sweden says:

    These look so easy to use! I scratched myself a lot with Snappi fasteners and gave up on them completely. It’s nice to know there’s an alternative!

  11. Jessica T says:

    Thank you so much for showing this!

  12. Justice Montgomery says:

    I haven’t tried the Boingos yet, but I plan on it! I love the color assortment that they come in, and I think they will be easier with a squirmy little one LOL

  13. Nara says:

    We love the Boingo idea, less pressure on little tummies and more adjustability (sizing) of prefolds. We use snappis but don’t like how it pulls so tight across the tummy with big babies.

  14. Carla I. says:

    I would love to try them out. Heard great things about them. Thank you fir the tutorial, I had no idea how you used them would differ from a snappi.

  15. Sarah L says:

    These look so much easier to use than my snappis, and I can’t wait to give them a try!

  16. I really want to try these! I wonder how they compare in ease of use to the Snappi?

  17. Samantha Williams says:

    I really like the design! No limit on its use based in how wide your prefolds or your baby are :)

  18. Ashley Brzoska says:

    I have a set of Boingos and LOVE them. I have never used Snappis and don’t think I ever will since these are SO easy to use! I’ve love to have another set for my newborn, too!

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