Kim and Tasha are the amazing ladies behind Simplifi Fabric. Do they look related? That’s because they are mother and daughter! I loved learning about these two women who make this business work even though they thousands of miles apart from each other. Thanks Kim and Tasha!

Tell us about your immediate family. 

Kim: My immediate family consists of my amazing husband and our 5 – four legged children (3 dogs and 2 cats). My son Ryan, step-son Ryan and my daughter Tasha.

Tasha: My immediate family consists of my awesome other half and father of my 2 sons – Kael (4 years old) and Kaeden (2 years old)

Simplifi is a mother and daughter business – tell us who is who and how you came about being business partners.

Kim: I had semi-retired from my Profession as an Interior Decorator and I knew that it was time for me to start a business which was home based.  The concept of Simplifi Fabric began in January of 2012 and I knew that it was an adventure  in which I wanted my daughter Tasha to be part of.  Simplifi Fabric is a modern and eco friendly fabric company which has evolved into an amazing business which we are both so very passionate about.

You also live in different areas . Where do each of you live?  – How do you balance working remotely? 

I live in rural Eastern Ontario, Canada and Tasha lives in the big city British Columbia, Canada.  We are thousands of miles apart and work together every day.  It is amazing the opportunities which the Internet has provided small business ventures.  The communication lines are continuously open and at times it is as is we are together.  My location in rural Ontario (right next to upstate New York) has allowed our business to be very flexible in our sales to both the Canadian and American Customers. 

What are the pros and cons to working thousands of miles apart? 

The biggest con would have to be not being able to see Tasha in person every day…….. I would love to have her at the studio to help with the ‘hands on’ portion of the business. 

What is the favorite product that you sell? 

That’s a tough one…… We are passionate about all of our products. 


Who is your favorite WAHM?

We have so many WAHM customers that it is next to impossible to say one is my favourite……. I am a little biased and would name Tasha as I am amazed at what she has accomplished as a work at home Mom with two little ones (she also runs her own ETSY shop making hand made eco-friendly baby/cloth diapering accessories

Who is your typical customer?

Our customers are a very diverse group of people who range from the first time sewer to the business owner who is making hundreds of diapers. And other amazing sewists focusing on eco-friendly items ranging from clothing to accessories.

Tell us about your other hobbies and outside interests.

Kim: I love the outdoors and anything associated with it……… you can usually find me in the gardens or working in the woods.  Decorating and re-decorating is something very common in our home.  You will never know what will be changed from one month to the next.

Tasha: I love sewing for my ETSY shop – whenever I get the chance… I also love making jewelry (I am specializing in therapeutic hazelwood jewelry at the moment) I am also big into snowboarding (hoping our little family can get back into it this year as its been a few years – having babies kind of put that on a halt the past few years. And well….being a Mom full time :)

What is your favorite book/tv show/movie?

Kim: I am an avid reader and right now I am reading the Stieg Larsson series.  I really don’t have a favorite.  It is very rare that I will sit down and watch tv or a movie.

Tasha: I honestly can’t answer this one…when I’m not entertaining/wrangling my children I am trying to get things done in my sewing studio or on the phone with Kim…LOL….maybe one day I will have a minute or 2 to sit down and watch a TV show or read a book.

Who, living or dead, would you most like to do lunch with?

Kim: Hmm…… this is a tough one as there are so many inspirational people.  The first name that comes to mind…… would be Elizabeth 1 (Queen of England).  Her history as a powerful leader has always intrigued me.

Tasha: I would have to say Charles and Ray Eames…I am particularly fond of their furniture designs (think- the “Eames lounge chair and ottoman” circa 1956 *drool*). I love mid-century modern design and hopefully can own an Eames piece or two someday!


Thank you Kim and Tasha!


Business Name: Simplifi Fabric
Mama: Kim and Tasha
Description: We carry a very large selection of natural bamboo, organic cotton, tencel and hemp textiles – from hemp muslin to hemp/bamboo fleece and everything in between. We also have a wonderful selection of 100% organic cottons by fabulous designers such as Birch Fabrics, Monaluna, Daisy Janie and Cloud9 Fabrics.Coupon: 15%off the regular price use DIAPER15OFF


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