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Many of our forum members have been cloth diapering for years and and their knowledge is invaluable to the cloth diapering community.  This week, join Amanda as she interviews long time Diaper Pin forum member Brittany.

Brittany is a SAHM to Tirzah (3) and Elijah (1) with another baby on the way! She has been married to her amazing husband, Timothy for almost 5 years and enjoys trying to keep up with her busy family. She came to the Diaper Pin when pregnant with Tirzah and hasn’t left yet!

Why did you decide to use cloth diapers?

I just knew when I was pregnant with my eldest that I didn’t want to use disposables. A big part of my reason was due to savings. Since we plan to have a lot of kids I knew cloth would end up being much cheaper, but also because it is better for the baby!

What is your diaper stash like?

I use mostly prefitteds and prefolds during the day with a few AIO’s for out and about and fitteds with flats as doublers for nighttime. (I like variety )

Can you tell us about your washing routine?

My washing routine has gone through many changes and adjustments over the years, but right now I am using Nellie’s washing soda. I have a front-loading washing machine and I do a delicate cycle on cold/cold with extra water and no spin to rinse first. Then I do a cotton/normal load with a scoop of Nellie’s on hot/cold with extra water and an extra rinse on heavy soil. I’m in the process of using RLR to strip the diapers since I have some mineral build-up.

You will soon be cloth diapering your third baby.  Are there any diapers in your stash that you’ll still be using from baby #1?  

Yes, a lot of them…  I have 24 Green Mountain Diaper orange edge and yellow edge prefolds that I used with my eldest that I will be using as well as some Thirsties covers. One of the things I love about prefolds and prefitteds is their durability!

My eldest wearing some of the diapers I’ll be reusing with my third baby!

Have you run into any cloth diaper challenges?  If so, how did you overcome them?

At our old house we had horrible, horrible iron well water (it was literally orange, even after filtration) and once my daughter got into the “toddler pee” stage I had horrible ammonia problems in spite of trying a bunch of different detergents and laundry additives. I had to strip all the time no matter what I used. Right about the time it got so bad I could barely use cloth anymore we moved (it wasn’t a related decision) and that was very convenient!

What do your friends and family think about cloth diapers?

My Mother-in-law used cloth with all her children and is very supportive of me doing so, and while my Mom didn’t, she understands my reasons for doing so and would now that she has experienced it firsthand. My sisters are split in their opinions, one loves cloth and is certain she is going to use it when she has kids (and she is the one that usually changes diapers when she is around ), one is on the fence, and one swears there is no way she’ll use cloth!

How does your husband handle cloth diapers?

Very well. He loves our diaper sprayer and is great about changing any type of diapers, though he definitely prefers prefitteds over prefolds. Sometimes he mentions switching to disposables (more to get a reaction out of me than anything else I think :P) but he would hate spending the money on those if we actually did, and I love to remind him of that.

Do you have any advice for families looking to cloth diaper for the first time?

I’ve helped several people start using cloth and one of the most important things I’ve found is to commit to using it for a time and not giving up when it might seem “inconvenient.” It has a learning curve and when you get past that you’ll realize it isn’t as hard as it seemed before!

Chickens have been a hot topic on The ‘Pin this year.  What led to your interest in chickens?

Saving money… I am NOT an animal person and they are not my pets. I actually don’t even do much with them, other than go gather eggs occasionally. My wonderful husband goes out to feed and water them most of the time. We got our chickens for free from a friend of a friend and that was what got us started. I really enjoy having fresh eggs and so far it is definitely saving us money to have them!

Cloth diapering and raising chickens are great ways to be frugal.  Do you have a favorite frugal tip you have learned from The ’Pin?

I think my favorite frugal tip I learned from the Pin would be un-paper towels and cloth wipes. We don’t use cloth wipes as family cloth, but the amount of money we save from not buying disposable wipes is significant, I’m sure! I also use the old ones to wipe spills, counters and clean mirrors. I made some un-paper towels from flour sack towels from Wal-Mart by serging them into four pieces. We use them all the time, were very affordable and work so well!



Amanda is a part-time registered dietitian, pastor’s wife, and mostly stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to three boys and a girl ages 7, 4, 2, and 5 months. She found the pin while researching cloth diapers for her second child and found it to be an invaluable resource and a fun place to “hang out.” Now cloth diapering for the third time, she is a confident cloth-diaperer thanks to experience and the pin, but still uses the forums for all kinds of housekeeping and parenting tips.

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