Snappis are a popular alternative to diaper pins for fastening prefolds, flats, or other closureless cloth diapers.  It’s simple to use and is all one piece (one snappi is all you need to fasten a diaper).

There are a few things that are important to know about the snappi  

  • Those teeth are pretty sharp.  Be careful not to grab the snappi by the white plastic or catch it on your baby’s skin.
  • You need to stretch the snappi before your first use.  Hold the center (to the right of my pinky in the picture above) and just inside the white plastic (like I’m holding it in the picture above) and give it a good stretch.  Repeat on the other two sides.
  • Those little loopy things on the ends are NOT for pulling.  They are only for flipping over the front of the snappi when it is not in use –  it covers the teeth nicely so a snappi teeth injury is much less likely.  This protects not only curious toddlers but tired parents who may not be paying attention to what they’re grabbing.

Never pull the loop like this!

  • It is never ok to cut the bottom set of teeth off of the snappi.  Not only does it weaken the snappi but it makes it impossible to keep the diaper securely fastened (nothing would be holidng the center portion of the diaper).
  • Always use a diaper cover with a snappi.

How to fasten the snappi

The diaper fold I used below is a newspaper fold.  The prefold I am using is a toddler sized Imagine prefold, and my model is 23 months old.  The Snappi I am using is a toddler or size 2.

Hook the teeth of the snappi into the fabric on the diaper near the baby’s hip. You do not want to just grab the edge of the prefold (the snappi is a good 1.5 inches from the edge in the picture below).

Gently pull the snappi across to the other hip and carefully hook the teeth in to the fabric.  Again, try to hook it closer to the hip and not just to the edge of the fabric.

Grab the bottom of the snappi and stretch it down making a Y shape. Fasten it a couple inches lower than the hips.  If you don’t stretch it far enough down, the bottom set of teeth can come unhooked (and those teeth are sharp).

All done!


Becky has been married for 12 years and is a SAHM to 3 girls ranging from 2-8 years old, all of whom were cloth diapered.

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