Diaper Safari recently launched their new OS (One Size) pocket diaper.  This is targeted to the consumer on a budget – at a regular price of $13.95 (and currently on sale for $8.95), it deserves a closer look.

The Diaper Safari OS pocket diaper comes with a standar microfiber insert (pictures coming soon). The insert has no snap down so you do have to fold it down when using it at the smallest snap rise setting.  The insert is fine for light wetters, but you will want to suplement if you have a heavy wetter or for naptime.

The diaper itself has 3 rise settings.  The waist and leg holes are pretty small when the rise and waist are at the smallest setting.  It’s also a very trim diaper overall.  I’d think it would work well especially for newborn and small babies.  Many OS diapers tend to be a bit bulky on newborns.


I’ll admit, I underestimated this pocket diaper – I assumed at this price this would be a no-frills one sized pocket diaper.  It’s also trim, which I initially assumed would mean it would be simply a layer of PUL and a layer of microfleece.  I was very pleasantly surprised to find a few special features inside.

The diaper has two pocket openings (one in the front, one in the back).  The pocket openings are both very wide – I have no problem fitting my hand through there at all.  Of course, the dual pocket openings mean that any insert will self-agitate right on out in the wash.  No unstuffing necessary.

The entire body is also fairly wide – my hand and arm can slip through the whole diaper without a problem.  This means that doubling up on an insert is no problem.

Both pocket openings have some fabric overlap which is handy for keeping the insert in place. The back flap is microfleece just like the rest of the inside fabric.

The front flap is PUL.  While this may seem like such a simple thing, the extra layer of protection is absolutely fantastic for tummy sleepers and for protecting the front waistband of pants.  You can see the PUL flap between my fingers in the picture below.  It’s not wide – maybe 1.5 inches, but it makes a very big difference.  I have not had any wicking onto my toddler’s clothes even with cotton waistband pants and a fully saturated insert.


My daughter is 24 months old and 28 lbs.  She’s pretty average height and weight.  The leg elastic is pretty snug and she is currently on the loosest leg snap setting.  The leg elastic does stretch a good bit more, but it leaves red marks if I fasten it too tight.

Overall, it’s a great budget pocket diaper.  I can’t speak for long term use (it’s a new product), but it seems to be sturdy and well made.


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Becky has been married for 12 years and is a SAHM to 3 girls ranging from 2-8 years old, all of whom were cloth diapered.

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65 Comments on Product Close Up: Diaper Safari One Size Pocket Diaper

  1. sharon says:

    i love the two pockets. it’s an awesome fit also

  2. Debnike moretti says:

    I like that it has an opening in the front and back. Awesome!!

  3. Mel gil says:

    I like that this diaper has two pocket openings for agitating out the insert in the wash and the extra bit of PUL in the front. I have a tummy sleeper and have issues with leaks over the tops of diapers come morning!

  4. Debnmike moretti says:

    I like how you say it is trim and truly a one size.

  5. Mel gil says:

    I also like that it has a bit of fabric overlay at the pocket openings. They seem to help hold in poo.

  6. Robin Jones says:

    I like the self-agitating inserts.

  7. Robin Jones says:

    The second comment entry on the giveaway said “here,” but linked to the same post as the first entry, so I wasn’t sure. I’ll leave this comment in both places to be safe. 😉

    I like the double-layer of pull in the front.

  8. BrittanyC says:

    These diapers are ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  9. BrittanyC says:

    These diapers are SUPER ADORABLE!!!!!!! And I love crossover snaps!

  10. Julie H says:

    Cute diapers! The two pocket openings makes it so easy to use and clean. Would love to win one :)

  11. Lauren Leiter says:

    I like that the pocket opens on both sides and the insert will self agitate! Also, I like that it seems pretty wide and easy to stuff!!

  12. shelleyanne spence says:

    Love the two pocket openings…AWESOMENESS!!!

  13. Melissa says:

    I love the double opening! It’s a requirement for me on a pocket diaper.

  14. Melissa says:

    I also think the tummy strip is great — my son is a tummy sleeper, so I’m seriously thinking about getting some of these to stuff with my trusty Flip organics for night.

  15. Katie L says:

    I like the double opening on this diaper

  16. Katie L says:

    I also love the price very affordable

  17. Amy Miller says:

    I love how the front and back have pocket openings!

  18. Kristen H. w. says:

    I love that it has two pocket openings! Makes it so much easier to stuff!

  19. Kristen H. w. says:

    I love that the front flap is pul.

  20. Beth R says:

    I like the double opening

  21. Beth R says:

    I like that it self agitates out in the wash

  22. Aimee says:

    I like that the area for the inserts is WIDE. It can be a pain if they are too narrow.

  23. Aimee says:

    Yay for no unstuffing necessary! The less mess I have to touch the better.

  24. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I have 5 of these diapers! And I want more, they are honestly one of my favorite diapers. They come is so many fun colors, they fit my baby well, they wash well, I love the double openings, and they are so reasonably priced!!

  25. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I also love the crossover snaps :)

  26. Emily says:

    I love this diaper. it fits great on my 2.5 month old 12lb daughter.

  27. Jessica says:

    I like that this company is making a nice product for all budgets! And, they are available in a variety of colors :)

  28. Renee says:

    A PUL strip? Awesome! Usually my #1 irk with a pocket is when waistbands get wet…

  29. bree says:

    love the double pocket opening!

  30. Emily says:

    Love these. These are my daycare diapers

  31. chicka.chicka says:

    I’ve heard good things about this diaper as well as the cover. I plan on getting some of the covers in the near future.

  32. Anne Sweden says:

    I like the price on this diaper AND the amazing range of color choices!

  33. Wendy says:

    Love the price! The PUL flap sounds pretty good, but wondering if it would be a problem with a boy? Would love to hear from some moms of toddler soaker boys.

  34. Jenny says:

    This looks like a pocket diaper worth trying. Lots of nice features, esp the dual opening, that make it a step up from your basic pocket.

  35. Jennifer says:

    Dual opening is always a good thing. Plus I love the green colour – a really nice looking pop of colour!

  36. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to try one of these! I love pockets with two openings. It makes stuffing so much easier.

  37. Olivia L says:

    I like the extra PUL strip at the front. I have some diapers with that feature, and I agree it really helps avoid leaks with my tummy sleeper.

  38. Mechele Johnson says:

    I love diapers with the two openings. I am always on the hunt for who makes them this way. Thank you!

  39. stephanie h says:

    I love the front and back opening pocket. It just makes sense to have it that way.

  40. Beth Rees says:

    We have two of these diapers and love them! They are so trim and really great for naps and nighttime. I never thought they would hold up, but they are great and who doesn’t love the two openings

  41. Leela R says:

    I have the old style OS pocket and really like it on my LO. It fit him from bout 2 months. This new one is really nice though in that it has 2 openings and that layer of PUL in the front. I may just have to get me one of those.

  42. Brittany says:

    Again, I like the PUL flap feature in the front to prevent wicking and I love the double pocket so you don’t have to unstuff!

  43. Heather M says:

    This looks like a great diaper, especially for the price. I love the double opening so it self agitates out.

  44. Jen H says:

    i like that it has a wide pocket! i’m the only one who can stuff diapers because my husband has enormous hands and they dont fit!

  45. Cowboyswife says:

    I love double openings so you don’t have to unstuff! That would totally be one of the best selling features for me – and the pul strip at the front for belly sleepers would probably be great too!

  46. Karyn says:

    Love self-agitating inserts!

  47. selah says:

    I am a big fan of OS dipes and this one looks nice to try.

  48. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I have a bunch of these diapers and I love them! They are a go to for me! I love the price, all the colors, they fit my daughter great, and I love that the inserts agitate out by themself!

  49. Lily Ivey says:

    I like the price and selection of colors.

  50. Rachel says:

    I love the dual pocket openings!

  51. Kinga says:

    Great price!

  52. Emily says:

    Like how it’s easy to stuff with front and back opening.

  53. Laura P says:

    I have seen these and were wondering how they compare. Thanks! I love how trim it is… big plus!

  54. Rachel A. says:

    Not sure how I feel about the front and back pocket opening. I have an Alva that does that and it’s a bit odd.

  55. Judith Martinez says:

    I’m a big fan of dual pocket openings!

  56. Camille says:

    Love the trimness and two openings.

  57. mttav says:

    I’d be interested in trying it just for the double pocket openings. I hate unstuffing poopy pockets! 😛

  58. Julie Ghrist says:

    looks like a great pocket, nice and trim fitting. But I am just not a pocket diaper fan… hate all the stuffing!

  59. Patricia B says:

    I love the front PUL strip. my son is a tummy sleeper so that makes for fewer leaks at nap time.

  60. Sarah Hayes says:

    i like how trim this diaper is

  61. Vanessa V. says:

    I like the trimness of the diaper and the front flap-my daughter is a tummy sleeper so this would be great for her!

  62. Jessica D. says:

    Love the price of these!

  63. Danielle D says:

    Seems like a nice product. I always prefer made in the USA, but also like to find good deals!

  64. Erica R. says:

    Love the price!

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