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Many of our forum members have been cloth diapering for years and and their knowledge is invaluable to the cloth diapering community.  This week, join Christina as she interviews long time Diaper Pin forum member Emily.

Have you used CDs with all of your children? If you started with disposables, what caused you to make the switch?

Joseph was a complete disposable baby, Jordan I switched over at about 14 months.  I was always kind of interested in it but working full time and being a new mom I just didn’t pursue it.  Then a friend at work started talking about cloth and she ended up going with a service for her newborn.  I started looking at it more closely and then one day was on craigslist and there was an add for two pocket diapers for $15.  I thought why not I can at least start at home.  The girl I bought them from ended up offering me her entire stash (2 garbage bags full) for $40.  I bought them and there were prefolds, 5 bummis covers, 5 FB pockets, couple other pockets.  I washed them up and started using them and there was no turning back from there.  I talked with our daycare and she was fine using the pockets so I bought some more.  DH wasn’t to keen on the cloth so our agreement was that he could use sposies when he was home (one day a week) and I would put a sposie on at night (he had morning detail).  He had to remember to buy them, I wasn’t going to.  One box lasted a long time with this arrangement and about a year later, one weekend there were none left for me to put Jordan into a sposie on Sunday night so he went into cloth and DH had to use cloth all day Monday.  We didn’t buy another sposie.

How many diapers do you currently have in your stash?

My current working stash includes:    30 fitteds, 18 prefolds, 18 small flats, 24 pocket/AIO, 9 PUL covers.  The prefold/flats rarely get used as diapers—they are burp rags and pads for changing table.

Waiting to fit:  12 small pockets/AIO, 7 medium fitteds, 30 OS fitteds, 24 prefold (12 medium, 12 large),  29 OS Pockets. 12 large flats, 12 PUL covers (small and OS)

What are your favorite NB diapers? 

I loved GMD orange edge prefolds and prowrap newborn covers.  That is what I mainly used during the first 3 weeks.  Do you use one system, or mix it up?  I don’t really have one system.  I have mini systems.—prefolds and fitteds w/pul covers and pockets/AIO.  I mix it up throughout the day depending on my mood.  I only use pockets/AIO when out and about.

After having 2 boys, have you found CDing a girl to be different? 

LOL!!!  Different not really, but I have found myself not wanting to use the gender neutral ones and needing her to have girly diapers.

Do you consider your stash to be fun or just functional (or a little of each)?

It is both.  It is functional and pretty straight forward. I basically have two mini systems.  Pockets/AIO for DH, daycare, grandma and they are always on the right side of the changing table and fitted w/covers for me.   I have found that I like the pretty diapers way more with having a little girl.  I have had fun selling off the gender neutral and shopping for girly prints on fitteds and pockets/AIO.

What’s one CDing accessory that you couldn’t live without? 

I have two—wet bags.  I use them for CD obviously and many other things.  They were great for swimming this summer.  Not sure if this is an accessory but I love CJ’s butter.  I use it for bums, faces (especially Jordan in the winter), lips.

Do you have a special wash routine? Is it complicated or do you keep it simple? 

I am lucky to have very good water so my wash routine is pretty simple.  I do a prewash with nothing, regular long wash/rinse cycle with detergent (whatever I have on hand that I use on our regular clothes), short wash/rinse cycle with nothing.  Everything goes in the dryer. When she gets older I am sure I will have to tweek it a little bit with the start of solids and then toddler pee.  With DS2 I had to use bleach but the routine remained the same.

Have you had any cloth diapering challenges that other Pin mamas were able to help you with? 

Amazingly I haven’t had any really challenges—tweeking my wash routine for toddler pee and finding the right combo for nights

Has CDing or being a part of the Pin community opened the door to any other reusable products or alternative parenting choices? 

Yes it has.  I have switched to family cloth for me, use all kitchen cloth & cloth napkins, and am using more glass containers instead of plastic.  I don’t know if I have made alternative parenting choices because of the pin but I know that pin mammas have been great in helping me understand normal kid behavior especially with Joseph.  The knowledge that others with older children have has been great.  I have come to rely on everyone’s different ideas on how to solve a parenting issue.  No one parents exactly the same so having those different suggestions to try has been great.

Is there anything you’ve learned about CDing that you wish you’d known when you started? 

I wish I had known how easy it really was and had started with Joseph.

Christina is the mom of 2 wild little boys, both of whom have been cloth-diapered from birth through potty learning. She discovered the Pin while trying to learn more about CDs while pregnant with her first, and it opened up a whole world that she had no idea about. She is very passionate about CDing, breastfeeding, babywearing, and all things related to natural/attachment parenting.

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