While there are many parents who make the switch to cloth diapers there are some who still struggle with the best night time solution, particularly those who have children who are heavy wetters.  Before you turn to those yucky disposable diapers at night (no!) check out these solutions shared by our members.

I broke down all of the solutions by  individual items and listed them here – this should be helpful for those who are on a tight budget and may need either work with what they have or start off with the least expensive diaper or accessory.  Wool was one of the favorite solutions but a more economical place to start may be to use extra stuffing.  Extra stuffing  can be something you already have in your stash such as  flats, small prefolds or hemp or bamboo fleece liners.

In the infographic below I highlight the major diaper or cover types and accessories they are typically  paired with.  But first lets read the tips from our members:

Fitteds with doublers under wool!    –Kinga (kingpat)

Wool interlock with extra stuffed fitteds.  – Jake&MattsMom

We love fitteds made specifically for nighttime use here. They’re often lined in microfleece for a stay-dry feeling and super thick and absorbent. Paired with a wool soaker, they’re pretty much bulletproof!  –Morgan (mdahm98 )

A great fitted and wool.  No leaks, ever. – SecretLifeSAHM

Hemp has solved our nighttime leaking problems. I just add a hemp doubler to whatever they usually wear to bed. – BabySnickerdoodles   

Double-stuffed pockets work great for my light nighttime wetter. With my heavy wetter, we used ultra-stuffed fitteds under interlock wool soakers under fleece jammies.      – CStrange   

Fitteds and hemp doublers are your friends! Pair with wool covers and you’re golden! – owenorah   

A good heavy fitted with doublers under a wool soaker. – groupp   

Go with wool. I struggled with nighttime leaks with my tummy sleeper. She would leak up the front because I could never get a good tight fit with PUL covers or extra stuffed pockets. Once I switched to wool no more problems.   – britni82   

The graphic below shows the favorite overnight cloth diaper combos – but first more advice from our members.

Hemp  prefolds or flats are super trim and absorbent. I will use one or two with a prefold and haven’t had any issues once I used this formula. Fleece jammies or blankets under her help for those super wet nights. – apingor   

Hemp and wool. Hemp is so absorbant, I couldn’t find a nighttime solution that didn’t include hemp.  Use a wool cover/soaker over anything (even pocket diapers)   If the diaper leaks the wool will absorb the excess wetness but won’t leak – so even if your diaper is drenched you still have a chance at dry sheets. – teamom   

Adding a fleece or wool soaker over everything can catch the overflow/compression leaks.  – Elethiao   

After cloth diapering 4 kids over a nearly 11 year period, the best system for us has been a prefold with a preemie or small prefold used as a doubler (depending on child’s age) snappied under a wool knit soaker   – MrsKucz   

Preemie prefolds make great doublers and then definitely using fleece as covers works fantastically and another trick is to use fabric softener when washing or drying the fleece. – 7308anne   

So stop buying those disposables! Don’t but up with wet sheets! Try one of the individual or combo solutions listed above.   Keep those natural and soft fibers next to your baby’s skin especially during the longest period of the day.


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49 Comments on Solutions for Cloth Diapering at Night

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  2. Jessica says:

    We have hard well water so “typical” night time solutions don’t work for us. What does work is a large GMD organic flat paired with a doubler made from the middle section of a prefold. Cover that with a good wool cover, like Disana, and we are good to go (to sleep)!

  3. Renee says:

    I used to use pockets nut then started getting side leaks. Flats are our go to diper now.

  4. bree says:

    also another fan of specific nigt time fitteds linedr in fleece :)

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I use fitteds with a hemp doubler all under wool. Works great and no leaks!

  6. Melissa C. says:

    Either 4.0 stuffed with a flat and a doubler or a fab fitted + doubler under wool

  7. Emily says:

    We triple stuff pockets

  8. Jennifer says:

    At night, I like to use pocket diapers with either bamboo/hemp fleece or hemp/cotton fleece AND either cotton or microfiber in front.

    I found Nature’s Fabrics online website for bamboo/hemp fleece sold by the yard. I have cut them the best I can into one long strip (usually 4 or 5 lengths of a longer bumGenius microfiber insert and the width of 2 bumgenius microfiber inserts. I fold over to make one long strip and then fold that long strip over and over again so that it fits a diaper yet looks like the shape of the bumGenius insert. It washes and dries in a breeze because it is not sewed together yet does not fray either because it is true fleece. I got the idea of doing this by looking at the way Blueberry’s bamboo inserts are sewn. For this project, the cutting is most important thing to keep in mind so that your cuts are pretty accurate. Enjoy!

  9. Kim says:

    So I actually haven’t started CDing my 2 that are in diapers yet…but I’m getting there. I have been wondering what the options were out there to night diapering…and now I have a nice graphic/chart to refer to. Thanks!

  10. Emily says:

    Right now for the baby we use BGE the old style

  11. chicka.chicka says:

    At night I use two pad folded flats inside a PUL cover. This works for both my almost 2-y/o and 3-1/2-y/o toddlers. I’ve used this combo ever since the older was a baby.

  12. Anne Sweden says:

    I use a fitted diaper with an extra doubler of either bamboo or hemp. And then I pair with a roomy cover, or one that’s a size bigger, to accommodate all the stuffing!

  13. Traci C. says:

    We use a pocket diaper with a Geffen Baby hemp/cotton prefold. Works great!

  14. Wendy says:

    I’ve used Kawaii pockets with 2 microfiber and then a hemp baby doubler. It’s done great until recently so this is a great post to see how to up it a little. He’s almost 2 1/2 so I dont want to buy a bunch of new dipes.

  15. Jenny says:

    Very useful infograph! Thanks :)

  16. Jennifer says:

    I am starting to really like wool covers over a bamboozle fitted with a hemp doubler. Pair with fleece jammies and it seems to be golden :)

  17. Olivia L says:

    I currently use a double stuffed fitted diaper with a Mother-Ease Airflow cover.

  18. Mechele Johnson says:

    I use a prefold(econobum) folded lengthwise with a microfiber doubler and a Thirtsties cover.

  19. sophieandmomma says:

    I generally use extra Cotton Hemp stuffing in a fitted diaper with a diaper cover like a flip.

  20. stephanie h says:

    We use hemp prefolds and wool covers at night.

  21. Beth Rees says:

    We generally use a pocket with hemp or bamboo and that seems to work for us for right now

  22. Leela R says:

    From 1-2.5 months we used a pocket stuffed with a microfiber insert and a hemp insert. However, after LO started sleeping through the night we moved on to a fitted under wool. I’m not sure we’d go back to pockets at this point.

  23. Brittany says:

    This was good for me to read as we’ve been using disposables at night… I was getting really tired of the rashes from sitting in wet diapers all night. My DS is more sensitive to that then my DD was.

  24. Heather M says:

    My top choice is wool over a thich, absorbent fitted.
    But my son was getting recurring yeast infections from cloth at night (and sleeping 14 hours) so we use sposies at night. I use cloth the rest of the time, so I don’t feel bad!

  25. Jen H says:

    we double stuff (or do a nb insert with the regular with our bumgenius) but i’ve really been wanting to try wool… i hear great things but the cost of it scares me!

  26. Erin B. says:

    I use fitteds or Kawaii Baby for night time!

  27. Cowboyswife says:

    I’ve been doing sposies at night – but recently tried two flats together and it worked great – my little guy ins’t near the wetter he was when he was nursing – I’m going to try and get back into the habit of cloth 24/7!

  28. Karyn says:

    I use a blueberry aio with hemp inserts

  29. Sarah Hayes says:

    i have to triple stuff and pocket and its still not enough. Id like to switch to fitteds with wool

  30. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I use a thirsties duo fab fitted,stuffed with a fuzzing bunz insert, with a thirsties cover!

  31. Rachel says:

    I plan to use fitteds!

  32. Julie Ghrist says:

    fitted with PUL cover

  33. Melissa J. says:

    A 4.0 with the standard insert plus hemp!

  34. Kinga says:

    Fitteds or prefolds (all cotton) under wool! Works great!

  35. Emily says:

    fitteds and wool

  36. Laura P says:

    All my friends who cloth diaper still use disposables at night, and I’d rather not do that. Super helpful! I was thinking about trying fitteds and extra stuffing, but it looks like I should invest in some wool covers!

  37. Judith Martinez says:

    I just use a hemp/cotton fitted and it works great at night.

  38. selah says:

    My best option has just been the times I have had to change the baby in the middle of the night. And then anything works. I haven’t found much success on those times when I haven’t changed the baby in the night. Either super strong in smell or leak. Although, most of the time was never a leak, just the strong smell.

  39. Camille says:

    Our nighttime routine includes a prefold with a hemp doubler and a Thirsties Duo Cover.

  40. mttav says:

    I’m using double-stuffed pockets for my toddler since it’s easy and it works for her. It’s usually either a microfiber insert wrapped in a hemp PF and stuffed in a Knickernappies pocket, or a double-stuffed FB OS Elite. However, the only solution that ever worked for my older kiddo was a nighttime fitted (Sun Seedling) with an entire extra fleece-topped nighttime insert added, all under wool.

  41. Lily Ivey says:

    Sustainablebabyish Organic Bamboo Fleece fitteds with wool.

  42. Julie Ghrist says:

    we use a fitted with a PUL cover at night. I have tried fleece covers but my baby is 3 months and doesn’t move at night so she gets damp on the rear with fleece

  43. Patricia B says:

    we use either a kawaii GNHW, a glowbug, or a Rumparooz pocket with lots of extra stuffing, and then wool pants to be on the safe side. :)

  44. Geri Fink says:

    I use fitteds under fleece covers and windpro fitteds for night time.

  45. Lianne says:

    Ours isn’t born yet, but I’ve been hearing great things about wool!

  46. Vanessa V. says:

    Double stuffed pockets with bamboo

  47. Danielle D says:

    We are excited to try most on our first little one and see what works best. Hopefully we can afford to try one of each!

  48. Jennifer V says:

    Sbish Fitted or Disana Nappies with liners with wool cover

  49. Erica R. says:

    my baby is still only a few months old and a prefold with a doubler inside a cover is still working for her.

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