I sometimes feel like a bit of a dinosaur in the cloth diapering industry – I’ve been CDing for over 8 years now.  One of my first covers was a Bummis Super Whisper Wrap (BSWW).  At the time, it was considered as much of a cloth diapering staple as prefolds.  Bummis has been around since 1988 (per their website) which is practically ancient!  Bummis has changed and adapted with the times – updating materials and coming out with new products to keep up with current cloth diapering trends.  They have recently revamped their Bummis Original Diaper Cover – and I must say that I like the results.

The Bummis Original is a very basic cover.  I personally really like very basic covers – it generally means the cover isn’t bulky which is always a good thing.  The inside of the cover is the shiny side of the PUL – single layer.  No gussets.  As you can see from the picture below, there are no laundry tabs.  It is assumed that you would fasten the hook and loop (velcro) tabs to the front panel before washing (just like in the picture above and to the right).  I personally am horrible about remembering to actually do this.  Since the cover has FOE (fold over elastic – the white edging is all elastic), it does snag a bit and look pilly if you are like me and forget to secure the hook and loop before you wash it.

The front panel of the Bummi Original has a very wide strip of hook and loop.  I haven’t had any issues with the front panel rolling or scratching my toddler’s tummy, and the width makes adjusting the hook and loop tabs a bit easier.


The Bummis Original that my little girl is modeling for us is a size large which fits from 20-28 lbs.  My daughter is right around 28 lbs right now, and if she were a little more rolly polly around the waist and a little shorter on the rise, it would fit her for a good while longer.  As with all diaper products, the weight range is a guide.  As it is now, she has pretty much outgrown this cover because of the rise (no other reason, though!).  She is wearing a prefold under the cover in all of these pictures.

The front tabs can also cross over (attach to each other), however I did have a bit of trouble with wing droop when I tried this.  You can see in the picture below how the left side of the front panel is drooping out of the bottom of the cover.  The cover still functions fine when this happens – it just doesn’t look very pretty.

I did find that adjusting the hook and loop closure to be a bit looser helps a lot and the cover will be in no danger of falling off.

The back of the cover is very full coverage and I haven’t had any trouble getting diapers to stay inside where they belong.

The legs are snug but don’t leave red marks which is a major plus. You can also see the minor pilliness in the pic below – I forgot to secure the hook and loop when I washed it. Oops.

Overall, the NEW Bummi Original is a great little cover.  Very trim, comfortable, and easy to maintain.


Becky has been married for 12 years and is a SAHM to 3 girls ranging from 2-8 years old, all of whom were cloth diapered.

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81 Comments on Product Close Up: Bummis Original Diaper Cover

  1. Jamie Urbanawiz says:

    I like the wide hook & loop strip with the crossover tabs. It definitely makes customizing the fit so much easier.

  2. Melissa says:

    I love that the Bummis medium fits a wiiiiiide range of sizes!

  3. C. Klein says:

    I love the simplicity of the Bummis diaper cover!

  4. Rachel says:

    I like that it’s so simple!

  5. SOPHIE says:

    size range is great

  6. Olivia L says:

    I like the wipe clean interior.

  7. Beth R says:

    I love that the legs are snug but not to tight

  8. Jenni Kettenburg says:

    I like the simplicity.

  9. Lianne says:

    I love how secure that PUL looks in its waterproofness! Easy clean is always good.

  10. Ali C says:

    I love that the legs do not leave red marks on my DD!

  11. Laura f. says:

    I like how trim it looks – not bulky at all!

  12. Catherine BW says:

    I love Bummis, and in this case the crossover tabs!

  13. Michelle L says:

    I love that you can just wipe the interior clean and reuse.

  14. Elise says:

    I love the velcro…easy on with baby moving all over!

  15. adina Other says:

    It looks so trim, id love to try one, i have all pockets now

  16. Betty J. says:

    I like how wide the FOE strip across the front is. I have had covers in the past that would roll and fold over…not cool.

  17. Melissa G. says:

    I like the full coverage in the back. I sometimes have issues with diapers not fully covering my chunky boy’s back side. This looks like it would cover his bum w/o a problem.

  18. Jenn says:

    No red marks on the legs = happy toddler = happy mama!

  19. Emily says:

    Love bummis covers. they were my go to covers for my 2nd child.

  20. Jessica s says:

    Bum is we’re the first covers I tried and they were fantastic!

  21. actuallykristen says:

    the size range is great

  22. Beth R says:

    I love the Zippered “bathtub” bottom

  23. Carissa Joslyn says:

    i dont think this.goes here, but this is where the link sent me for the grovia diaper pail!
    The zippered bottom is an interesting feature! I also like that it hangs, my bathroom is small!

  24. kim johnson says:

    I love that the bottom zips open

  25. Danielle D says:

    I really enjoy the zipper on the bottom of the pail.

  26. Katie bird says:

    I absolutely love love love my bummis covers for my 4 month old daughter. They are easy to wash and fit her great!

  27. Cara P says:

    I’m not sure this goes here but this is were I was send for the Grovia wool bar. I have never used one but would love to!

  28. Julia says:

    I like that the GroVia wool Wash bar can be easily held.

  29. KD says:

    I think it’s a great concept – easy to hold and would definitely love to try it out!

  30. Stephanie says:

    I was sent here for the Tushie Ties comment. I love that they have a cute ribbon closure….such a great idea.

  31. Monique Eckert says:

    I think this link went to the wrong place but I like the custom fit ability of the tushie ties.

  32. Patricia B says:

    I was sent from the Tushie Ties giveaway on diaper pin corner. I love that tushie ties actually tie on instead of having to use pins.

  33. Katie Fender says:

    I was sent from the Tushie Ties giveaway from Diaper Pin Corner. I love that you don’t have to use a snappi or pin, because I always forget to grab one when I need one!

  34. I really love the blue color. I am not fond of velcro closures though. My daughter would be naked in no time.

  35. Jennifer says:

    I love that the tushie ties are toddler proof if you tie them right! awesome idea!

  36. Kenzi says:

    I was sent from the Tushie Ties giveaway from Diaper Pin Corner. I love that the prefold is tied instead of needing to use a snappi or diaper pins. I also like that you can tie the bow around baby’s back so that they cannot untie it.

  37. Elise says:

    I love the per folds for simplicity…yet snappys can be hard to get on a squirming baby. These seem a little more involved..but seem to stay on better than snappys and could hold more messes.

  38. Melissa Decroteau says:

    I love grovia prefolds! They are so much trimmer than cotton prefolds

  39. Britni Bradford says:

    not sure you really want it here but my fave feature of grovia prefolds is that they are as soft and squishy as they come =)

  40. Talia says:

    This is for the Grovia giveaway. I love that their prefolds are bamboo and cotton blend for more absorbency and softness! I hope that I can use them someday with a Bummis cover!

  41. Jenny O. says:

    Grovia giveaway entry: The absorbency is the best!

  42. Beki Lozano says:

    this is for the GroVia giveaway i never tried a GroVia Prefold but they look super easy to use and from want i read about them very Absorbent which is awesome ad what i look for!!

  43. Rachel Morrow says:

    Prefolds wash and dry so quick and easy

  44. Tara says:

    I was sent here for the GroVia prefold giveaway… not sure if this is the right spot, but I love that they come in toddler size! I think my not so little guy will outgrow most other prefold brands long before potty training.

  45. Sandra Ambroise says:

    I love that they come in 4 different sizes and are made with bamboo and organic cotton.

  46. Sandra Ambroise says:

    I love that the GroVia prefolds come in 4 different sizes and are made with bamboo and organic cotton.

  47. Linda Bauer says:

    Would love to try it out on our newborn

  48. Steph M says:

    I love how absorbent Grovia prefolds are!

  49. brandi says:

    I hope this is the right spot for the Grovia giveaway! I love that the prefolds give an even trimmer fit for smaller babies.

  50. Miranda B says:

    For the grovia giveaway: I have 2 and I’d love to have more. They are my most absorbant prefold AND the softest!

  51. Sara Schamberger says:

    I really want to try Grovia prefolds. I love sized diapers and I hear these are tag less!

  52. Kayla says:

    I heard many good things about the Grovia prefolds espeshally how obsorant they are!! I love there snap in inserts and would love to give their prefolds a try!

  53. Veronica Bohan says:

    how soft they are

  54. Rachel says:

    I love the quality and durability of GroVia’s prefolds!

  55. Allie Hewitt says:

    This is where I was sent for the GroVia giveaway. Would love to try GroVia prefolds – I have heard great things about how absorbent they are!

  56. Vicki H says:

    This is my comment for the Grovia prefolds giveaway. I love that they’re more soft and absorbent then cotton prefolds.

  57. Angela H says:

    Love the color

  58. Erin B. says:

    I love how soft the Grovia prefolds are!

  59. Beth Ann says:

    I haven’t tried these, but I would love to! 😀

  60. Barb Borntreger says:

    I’ve never tried Prefolds before, I like the idea of Gro-via prefolds because they look so trim! I am hoping to find a trim diaper solution!

  61. Sarah Hayes says:

    i like how absorbent the prefolds are

  62. Tracy M Dennison says:

    I need to try one of these! My daughter doesn’t have many covers!

  63. Jennifer says:

    I have never used a GroVia prefold, but I really like that they are natural fibers. Would love to try them.

  64. Melissa E says:

    I love the natural fibers of GroVia prefolds. I also like Bummis wide velcro panel.

  65. Brooke W says:

    I haven’t tried them yet but my husband and I are TTC so I hope to be able to try them out soon!

  66. Sabrina D'Arcy says:

    I love that the ProVia prefolds are made of bamboo and organic cotton, great mix of fabrics.

  67. Brenda P says:

    I love that they have bamboo in tgem and are super absorbent!

  68. Lara C. says:

    Haven’t tried Grovia prefolds yet, but I love the natural fibers, which makes them more absorbent.

  69. Jen E says:

    I really like the different sizes.

  70. krystina says:

    i think this is the wrong post, but i like the fact that it looks like they don’t quilt and stay smooth

  71. Anel says:

    I love the natural fibers on the Grovia prefolds and that they don’t shrink too much if you put them in the dryer. Thank you!

  72. mellisa patterson says:

    love the wide velcro and easy wipe clean inner

  73. Lindsay Jackson says:

    The link for the Tidy Tots giveaway sent me here! I love the snap tabs on the cover!

  74. Rachel says:

    I like the Tidy Tots flushable liners although I don’t think I’d risk it!

  75. Beth R says:

    I love how trim these are. So much easier to fit into pants

  76. Katy Baird says:

    I love the no fold diaper in the Tidy Tots, such a time-saver! I can use every extra minute!

  77. jodi Armstrong says:

    Love that insert is hemp!

  78. jourdan says:

    I love how they aren’t bulky and they are great at containing leaks.

  79. Catie says:

    I love that is has a hemp booster!

  80. lindsay c says:

    I would love to try a tidy tots they look very trim :)

  81. Anel says:

    I like the wipe clean interior! So easy to use!

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