Wool dryer balls are a very eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets. You can use as few as 2 or up to 8 to help reduce static and reduce drying time. Did you know that many of the commercially made dryer sheets for sale in your local grocery store are filled with lots of chemicals? These chemicals have been known to leave a film on your lint trap which can lead to fires. The chemicals in the dryer sheets also reduce the absorbency of your laundry, your towels for example. The other disadvantage to dryer sheets is that after one use, they just end up in our landfills; where as Wool Dryer Balls are good for years!

So are you wondering how these wool dryer balls are going to help reduce your static and also cut down on your drying time? As the balls are circulated in the dryer, they separate your clothes to allow the warm air from the dryer get to all articles of clothing. The more dryer balls that you add to your dryer, the faster your clothes will dry. In addition, the friction created by the felted wool being rubbed against your clothing helps to cut down on static cling and soften your clothes. The more dryer balls that you add to your dryer, the softer your clothes get. They are safe for all fabrics that you put in the dryer – clothes, bath/kitchen towels and rags, and cloth diapers. They are 100% natural so not only great for those with sensitive skin but also completely safe for the kids and pets to touch!

Supplies Needed:


  • 100% Wool Yarn (223 yards will make 4 balls) – $5.99 @ Michaels or Joann
  • 100% Wool Roving (2oz bag will make 12 balls) – $4.99 @ Michaels
  • Panty hose (1 set of knee highs does 8 balls) – .33 @ Wal-Mart
  • Felting Needle (comes in a 2 pack) – $4.49 @ Michaels
  • All Natural Essential Oil Fragrance (Optional – will make 8 balls) – $3.99 – $5.99 dependent on scent @ Michaels (In soap making section)

Total Cost for first 4 balls (going with the $4.99 Lavender scent) – $20.79

These can be purchased online (www.kellyscloset.com or www.kissedbythemoon.com) for $8-$10each. So $32-$40 for 4 balls…this Do It Yourself Project will save you $12-$20…also think about how much you’ll be saving by eliminating the commercial chemical softeners!!

Wrap the yarn around your fingers 10-20 times
Pull the yarn off your fingers, pinching in the center and tightly wrap around the middle.
Start wrapping it into the shape of a ball.
NOTE: Don’t wrap too tightly! You want it tight (in the sense that it won’t unravel) but not stretching the yarn. Balls will be heavier if yarn is stretched tightly, and you won’t get 4 balls out of 1 skane!
Continue wrapping the yarn around the small wool ball.Optional – stop when your ball reaches 2-4in (about half the size of a tennis ball) and add a few drops of All Natural Essential Oil.
Keep wrapping your wool ball until it’s slightly larger than a tennis ball. It will be shrinking in the felting process and finished size should about the size of a tennis ball.
Clip the yarn, and tuck the tail so it stays tightly wound.Optional – add a few drops of All Natural Essential Oil. Yellow Ball on right is felted, showing about what it will shrink to.NOTE: Can leave as is- skip next 2 Roving steps, begin prep for final felting.
Take the Wool Roving in the color of your choice and wrap it around the ball.
Use the Felting Needle and repetitively stab the ball all over to secure the Roving to the Yarn Ball.
Turn your panty hose inside out (so the toe’s seam is on the outside) and place your first Dryer ball in and knot it.
Place in the other balls knotting between each ball.
Wash balls on HOT cycle with all natural detergent or no detergent at all – do not add chemical detergents to these all natural gems!
Dry on HOT setting in the dryer.
Remove from pantyhose, and Viola!


Optional Maintenance

Add a few drops of All Natural Essential Oil when you can’t smell it in your laundry anymore. If for some reason ball starts to unravel, place balls in pantyhose and redo felting process again. You can add more yarn or roving to balls to make larger or to add a design and then redo felting process.

Final Product Comparison

Purple Ball – Purchased from kissedbythemoon.com
Beige Ball – Wrapped too tight, used nearly a whole skane of wool, very heavy! No wool roving.
Multicolored Ball – No wool roving.
Turquoise & Red Ball – Results from directions.






ALSO TRY – Eco Friendly, Very Cost Effective Laundry Soap replacement: Soap Nuts

Benefit & Uses – www.sustainablebabysteps.com/soap-nuts

Purchase from – www.privatelabelsoapnuts.com

5lbs for $32.50 (1 pound lasts a family of 4 about 2 months)

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