I want to start out my review of the new BumGenius Elemental by disclosing that I am a stout fan of the old-style BumGenius Elemental (aka BGE). With the old-style BGE making up over half of my stash, I was both incredibly excited and hesitant about the new changes. Here is the breakdown of the changes and how they affect the function of the diaper.


Left is the old-style BGE, right is the new-style BGE


The Differences

1. Large Cut

The new BGE cut is wider and has a longer rise than the old BGE. This doesn’t seem to cause a problem in my 22 month-old, but I could see where this may cause bunching or gathering for an infant. The rise has increased as well to accommodate larger children/toddlers, but this may compromise how early on the diaper can be used with an infant.


Even with the increase in rise, I like that the diaper sits below the navel. There is some material droop at the crotch due to increase width of the diaper.


2. The Inside

The old-style BGEs had an organic cotton lining under the organic cotton attached inserts.  The new-style BGE has the same two organic attached inserts, but without the lining. This exposes the PUL like a diaper cover. There is an area behind the attached inserts to add an insert (extra insert sold separately) to cover the PUL and to add absorbency. With the lining removed, this does make the diaper trimmer and dry slightly faster. It also fixes the problem of holes that developed in the lining of the old-style BGE. Some children do have sensitivities to exposed PUL so buying the extra insert would be required if this were the case.



The elastic was changed from rolled elastic to encased elastic. This is a great change for anyone needing to replace the elastic in these diapers to extend the life of the diaper, definitely an added benefit.


Putting the new Elemental to the test


In the beginning, I had problems with leaking when using the new BGE. I prepped the diaper with 3 hot washes before use. I contacted CottonBabies who stated I should prep at least 3 more washes before use. Even after I prepped the additional 3 times, then 3 more, I realized the leaking was caused by the volume of urine put out by a toddler at one time. The PUL would become wet and leak through. After I added a standard infant prefold to the area behind the attached inserts, this was no longer a problem. I do believe the absorbency has decreased from the old-style BGE, which may not be seen as a problem during infancy.


The trimness of the new BGE is nice, even with an added insert for absorbency. These diapers are great for trimness! The absorbency was sufficient for two-three hour stretches once I added the extra insert.


I really like BumGenius Elemental diapers. Comparing old-style and new-style was a difficult task because both are great diapers in different ways. I like that the new-style Elemental will not develop holes in the lining and will fit longer, but I do desire the extra absorbency of the old-style Elemental without adding more to the diaper. CottonBabies produces great products that fit wonderfully, and trying to improve an already great diaper is a hard task!


I love the trimness, we can get our blue jeans over this diaper with ease and comfort.



Sherri is from Kentucky, is a mother of four that works part time as a RN. She enjoys being Eco-friendly and looking for new ways to live more sustainably.

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  1. Emily says:

    Great comparison. I too am a huge fan of the old style. They fit my petite little girl great and are soft on her legs and hold a ton. If I had a bigger kiddo I can see liking these. Especially since I have late potty trainers.

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