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As a first time mom new to the cloth diapering world I started off about 3 months ago purchasing some used diapers off a local diapering group. It didn’t take long before I was hooked and my stash began to grow.
Recently I was excited to try out my first brand new diaper from Tidy Tots. I received the trial set which includes a no leak cover, 2 organic hemp no fold diapers, 2 organic hemp boosters, and 10 flush able liners.


Although the package does say the diapers and boosters have been p rewashed 6 times, I did do one wash cycle of my own before using. Following the instructions on how to prep the diaper was fairly easy, especially since this was my first experience with a cover and diaper set. They take a little time to prep the first go around but once I got the hang of it they were just as easy as the pocket diapers I am used to stuffing after each wash.

I love that the diaper and booster are both made of hemp. Better absorbancy and soft on baby’s bum! I did use the booster each time because my 5 month old is a heavy wetter. It fits easily inside the no fold diaper and will agitate out in the wash, which means no touching a messy insert when you wash!


The liner is made from cornstarch and was surprisingly soft. Adding it onto the diaper was made simple by the use of velcro tabs to hold it in place. When snapping it into the cover its important to make sure the liner covers the snaps as well so that it will be held in place along with the diaper. Now it’s all prepped and ready to wear!



The package states it fits 10 lbs & up. My girl is about 16 lbs and the diaper was a great fit! The aplix is very sticky and actually took a little muscle to get it undone from the wash tabs.. The legs have a deep gusset with elastic that ensures a secure fit without any adjustments needed. There was not a lot of bulk to it once it was on her and it fit well under her clothes.


When it came time for a change, all that needed to be done was to remove the flushable liner before tossing the diaper into the diaper pail. The liner is easy to remove without getting messy due to flaps over the snaps inside the cover. Tidy Tots thought of everything when it came to the ick factor of cloth diapering!


Although the liner is flushable we have a septic system so I chose just to toss it instead. I did not find the liner to be very useful for my girl since she is exclusively breast fed (ie liquid poo). When it came to changing a poopy diaper, the liner seemed to be an extra messy step so I chose to use it without the liner. I think it will be very helpful to have on once she starts solid foods though. And I must say I was very impressed by how well the leg gussets held in the mess….finally a no leak diaper!


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6 Comments on Tidy Tots – Product Close Up

  1. Melissa c. says:

    I love the adorable prints!

  2. Melissa E says:

    I really like that I don’t have to deal with snaps, ha!

  3. Anne Sweden says:

    I like the flaps that hold diapers and inserts in place.

  4. Rachel says:

    I like the flushable liners although I don’t think I’d risk it!

  5. Katy Baird says:

    I love the no fold diaper, such a time-saver! I can use every extra minute!

  6. jodi Armstrong says:

    Love that the insert is hemp & no fold. Quick & easy :)

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