Bectoria on September 25th, 2012

. Morgan won this year’s P’ingredients Cookoff with such great recipes as Silage and Ham Balls (which is made with something called Ham Loaf).  Of course,we have to know a little more about Morgan and her kitchen and she agreed to an interview! Morgan is a SAHM to two kiddos, Amelia age 7 and Eli age […]

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Bectoria on August 24th, 2012

.   The round 2 & 3 results are in!  Of course, that means we can also announce the final winner, but let’s start with announcing the week 2 winner first.  Congratulations Morgan – the Silage/Veggie marinade was a hit with both the kids and adults!  Check out some pics of that dish in last […]

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. There is so much to report for this week!  Week 1’s winner is Harry’s Pancit submitted by J2 (Jenn)!  Congratulations Jenn!  Check out last week’s update for a pic of that great dish. Those week 2 recipes Overcome the Odds have all been made and judged.  The final results will be coming soon but just […]

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  The Pingredients cookoff is well under way!  The week 1 recipes are being judged right now, and the entries look amazing! Judging signups for the Week 2 – Overcome the Odds round is open now!  Who wouldn’t want to try some of Morgan’s Silage (Grandma Becky’s Raw Vegetable Marinade).  Jenn has submitted a recipe for Toasted […]

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Bectoria on August 1st, 2012

. Our round 1 recipes are in!!  The judges will be cooking up some Ham Balls, Cuban Black Beans, and some traditional Filipino Pancit this week from the Pass the Torch category.  This judge is very excited to sample this round’s recipes. 😉 Meet our round 1 finalists – Round 2 – Overcome the Odds is […]

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diaperpin on July 18th, 2012

. . That’s right – it’s almost time for the annual summer cookoff on our forums!  This year is all about passing on perfection, overcoming the odds, and feeding the champion within!!  The contest will run from July 23rd – August 24th.  Read the full details here. Anyone can join (the more the merrier!) – you […]

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